Chimpanzee Vodun from semi-darkest Africa


NAME: Mwasikwao (Mwasi)
SPECIES: Chimpanzee


Physical/ Social/ Mental
Strength: 2/ Charisma: 4 (Captivating/ Perception: 3
Dexterity: 2/ Manipulation: 3/ Intelligence: 3
Stamina: 2/ Appearance: 3/ Wits: 3


Talents/ Skills/ Knowledge
Alertness: 3/ Melee: 2/ Vodun: 4(Healing)
Empathy: 4(Spirits)/ Meditation: 4 (Dream State)/ Theology: 3
Intigue: 3/ Survival: 2/ Lore: 3
Research: 2/ Investigation: 2
Enigmas: 2
Academics: 2



Ageless: The Character does not grow old.

Language Talent: The character can learn any spoken language when exposed to it for a week. Current languages are; Swahili(Native), Bedouin, Carthaginian*, Greek*, Latin*, Egyptian* (*written and spoken).
Shadow Whispers: This gift allows you to communicate with the encountered spirits. You are able to address them whether they wish to be addressed on not. Of course, nothing (usually) prevents the spirit from ignoring you or leaving.

Loa Speech: (Vodun + Charisma) Each success allows you to ask the G.M. a question relating to the scene. The Loa will hang around until all questions are asked or for 10 minutes.

Empowering Loa: (Vodun + Charisma) [Difficulty 7] Each success provides a temporary Character Point. These CP may be allocated as the player sees fit, but must be allocated immediately and may not be changed after allocation. Lasts for a # of rounds twice the characters magic skill.

Gris-Gris: CAn bestow either effect on another, but the creation of a Gris-Gris costs a Willpower in addition to an Oomph and this Willpower is not regained until the Gris-Gris is used or deactivated by the creating character.

Rituals: Using a ritual lowers the difficulty of the spell by 1 if taking 10 minutes or by 2 if taking an hour. Alternately, the duration of a spell effect can be increased by the length of a ritual.


Charitable: You are acutely awaire of others’ emotions and feel compelled to help those around you – even legitimate enemies. Make a Willpower roll in any situation where you could render aid or are specifically asked for help, but should resist the urge. If you fail, you must offer assistance, even if that means violating orders or walking into a potential trap.

Pacifism (Self Defense Only): You only fight to defend yhourself or those in your caref, using only as much force as necessary (no pre-emptive strikes allowed!). You must do your best to discourage others from starting fights.

Quirk: Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents): You may only use deadly force on a foe that is attemting to do you serious harm. You never intentionally do anything that causes, or even threatens to cause, injury to the univolved – particularly if they are “ordinary folks”. (Role-Play for Character Point Bonuses).


Mwasi hails from the central African jungles. He was raised to be a Vodun Witch-Doctor as his magical talent was obvious as soon as Mwasi was born. Mwasi learned all he could from his tribe and was then sent on “walkabout” to learn more. Mwasi travelled extensively over his ageless life using his talents to make himself welcome almost everywhere. Eventually he learned of the Great Library of Alexandria and came to study and learn what he could there. Now a resident of Alexandria, Mwasi practices his skills here as a wizard (Witch-Doctor), healer and “Speaker to the Dead”. This has earned him a good reputation in the city with nobles, priests and commoners as well as granting him the gift of Egyptian citizenship from Pharaoh Cleopatra herself.

Healer’s Tools
Large Knife
Staff of Eyes*
Travelers’/Explorer’s Gear
Ritual Magic Tools

Jujus (Spells)
Dried aloe leaves (healing)
Nile water (cure disease)
Paint (hiding)
String (binding)
Needle (searching)
Beer (sway emotions)
Awl (repairing)

Tools (Like Jujus only they have unlimited uses)
Rattle (Remove curse)
Drum (Summoning)
Coin (Luck)

Crocodile eye: Detect Magic
Eagle eye: Far Sight
Vulture eye: Detect Disease
Jackal eye: Detect Curse
Fish eye: Seek Water
Spider eye: Detect Trap
Fox eye: Sense Spirit
Cobra eye: See Invisible


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