Greeks, Romans, European Foreigners

Please note, a number of the species listed here hail from multiple regions of the world. For example, any given member of a common race such as a Mouse could be from anywhere in Europe or Africa—although European Mice would speak a different language and have a noticeably different appearance than African Mice. These species are marked accordingly as explained below. The differences may not seem important now, but they may or may not become so depending on how the game goes, so it’s getting put here for reference. Keep this in mind as you go over the lists.

Also, these lists are not alphabetical. They are listed by general importance, size of the species’ population in Alexandria, and population in its home region. The rarest, least known species are at the bottom. (I may switch some around and add more information and notes as the game goes along, and when I have time.)

Special Notes:
M = “Multiracial”: this species has many races all over the world, and they all look very different if you know what to look for. So, you can never assume where one of these is from simply by species unless you’re more familiar with the varied races. If you meet a given member of this species on the street, she could be any nationality: Greek, Roman, African, or even some other foreign people. (And this of course in no way limits a species to their homeland’s political leanings—these are only generalities.)

ME = “Multiracial in Europe”: this species has many races from Europe only, and they all look very different if you know what to look for. However, there are none native to Africa.

C = “Common”: this species has many families and high population rates in multiple regions; thus you are likely to see a lot of them in their native areas.

Wolf – ME, called Lupus, they are best known for their place among the classic Roman aristocracy. Although they are not strictly Roman, most of the Wolves you will see in Alexandria are likely to be Roman high class.

Eagle – ME, called Aquila, they are—like the Lupus—best known as classic Roman elite. The Roman Aquila are a proud people who do not tolerate insults to their Republic.

Raven – ME, called Corax, they have inhabited Alexandria for longer than many nothern races, in part because many old families migrated there with the original Greek conquerers of Alexander the Great, for whom the city is now named. The resident Corax are proud to be among the original Greek families who founded this city in its current form. While there are a few Roman Corax around, they are far outnumbered by their Greek cousins, who generally consider this place their home and have adopted many of the local Egyptian cultures. Not all the Corax are savory folks, either…

Fox – M. The Roman fox families, called Vulpas, are known for being attractive. Curiously, some writers have noted they are not actually so crafty as they are rumored to be.

Boar/Warthog – M. The European Boars in Alexandria are predominantly members of the Roman military, though many are foreigners from distant parts of the Roman Empire who eagerly joined the army. The Boar families are an old, nomadic, warlike race which immigrated from the far north, with more aggressive tendencies than most European peoples. They are said to make excellent warriors, of course, and even good military officers despite their hot tempers.

Elk – like the Boars, Elk families wandered down from the far north. They are a newer acquisition of the Roman Empire.

Shark – M, C, called Rokea. There are many kinds of shark residing in Alexandria, including Hammerhead, Blue shark, Mako (fastest fish in the water), Bull shark (foreign and aggressive), Thrasher shark (long whipcrack of a tail), and the rare Great White.

Hawk – M
Owl – M
Badger – M
Moray Eel
Manta Ray
Porcupine – M
Snake – M
Lizard – M, C
Deer – ME, C
Mouse – M, C. There are many races, including hamsters, gerbils, voles, shrews, and so on.
Rabbit/Hare – M, C
Goose – M, C
Dog – M, C
Lynx/Cat – M, C
Song Bird – M, C
Turtle/Tortoise – M
Swan – ME
Salamander – ME
Spider – M
Heron – M
Rat – M, C
Squirrel – ME
Toad/Frog – M
Bat – M
Mongoose – M
Stork – M
Crow – M
Ox/Bull – M. The European oxen are called Aurochs. They are typically husky and strong, and make good soldiers.
Otter – ME
Dolphin/Porpoise – M, C
Seal – M
Gull – M
Pelican – M
Snail – rare
Black/Brown Bear – rare
Flying Squirrel – rare
Tiger – East Eurasia only, rare

Greeks, Romans, European Foreigners

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